Friday, February 5, 2010

February Blocks

I made Claire's blocks today. I was glad that the tutorial said to press the seams open. I had forgotten that flying geese have very heavy seams. I did press mine open and when I put the blocks together I had to lighten the pressure on my presser foot so that it would go over the huge hump and the seam would match. Just a thought for you ladies as you do these blocks.

I liked the one in the tutorial because she had hers with matching fabrics set for a pinwheel but with these Claire wanted them all to be a different color. I must say these are going to be awesome! I love the way the colors play against each other, or with each other, whatever you would want to say. It will be a super quilt Claire! I will get these in the mail on Monday.


  1. Thanks, I tired to do a good job. They went out in the mail this morning. That will be an awesome quilt, the colors work well together.