Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another Maze

Perhaps not the most creative maze here, but I messed up initially. The maze paper that was sent with my fabric was a 13x13 grid so I sketched my maze here, and promptly started sewing sections of printed fabrics accordingly. When I ran out of squares, I checked the blog instructions to find it is only supposed to be a 7x11, so the resulting maze was developed from the block sections I had already sewn!


  1. Margaret,

    I got your note today...I'm sorry if you missed the info on the flickr group and blog about the revised block size...I was hoping to make things easier, not harder!

  2. Oh good grief, I think I have managed to invert the prints and solids. I was using the one posted as a guide and it looked like it had the path done in blue. Plus it made sense that the long strips of blue were for that. If I goofed this up, I am truly sorry and will remake for you