Thursday, June 24, 2010

June Block Tutorial

OK, here's my nice stack of Kona cotton in Bone, all folded and ready to be placed in mail this afternoon!

What I'm looking for is two 12.5-inch blocks in the "stacked {whatever}" pattern as seen on The Sometimes Crafter. There is a downloadable PDF that can be found at the post with complete instructions.

You will need various scraps from your stash that measure 1.5 inches by {whatever} length you choose.
I am providing the Kona cotton in Bone - everyone is getting 10 inches by the 44 inches, which should be more than enough for two blocks. Please keep the rest, I don't need it back.

To clarify a couple of things:
1. I am looking for all the colored scraps to be BRIGHT in nature, preferably designer cottons. The examples on The Sometimes Crafter's page is very similar to the look I am going for. Therefore, please stay away from dark colors like blacks and dark greys. The more BRIGHT color, the better.
2. I know the PDF calls for specific lengths of each colored strip in the block. I am not picky about this... please make the colored stripes as short or as long as you please... just keep in mind, they should look somewhat like the pictures of the blocks pictured (like stacked books).
3. There is no deadline for my blocks. Seeing as how I'm getting this out so late, when you get them done and mail them back, great! I am currently swamped with school, but I will have 3 weeks off in August, so if I manage to get all my blocks back by then, I'll plan on putting this bad girl together then! If not, heck, if I see them all by Halloween, Thanksgiving or even Christmas, I'll be happy.

I am really looking forward to seeing what each of you makes. I love nothing more than great scrappy-ness (having tons of scraps myself), so I will wait with anticipation of each of your blocks.

Thank you for being so understanding and for all the caring e-mails inquiring if I'd fallen off the face of the earth - I do so appreciate them! (Nursing school is tough as a single mom of two little kids!).

Jen (aka Jennadesigns)

P.S. Mamamianks, I've included a bunch of my own scraps for you to use as you mentioned that you hoped you had scraps I liked. Looking through your flickr pool, I didn't see a lot of bright, designer cottons, so I included a bunch. Please feel free to substitute from your own stash if you do have some, and please keep any you don't use of mine. Thanks!

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  1. I have aquired a few since we talked about it last. I will look then over and see what I can come up with. Sorry for all the trouble.