Monday, January 4, 2010

Wonky Pinwheel

Hi Ladies,

Here it is - the material is all cut, templates are made, envelopes addressed
now I just have to mail them. I will be doing that tomorrow afternoon.

I hadn't made these squares before, I just merely sketched and worked out the yardage on paper. I wanted to make them before I sent them so I could address any issues that cropped up.

Each of you will receive 8 - 7" squares of fabric.
The break down is:
4- 7" squares of the rust with the blue center flowers.( You can see this material below.) This material will be the outer part of the pinwheel.
2- 7" squares of coordinating fabric for pinwheel #1
2-7' squares of a second coordination fabric for pinwheel #2

This picture (above) shows the 8 fabrics stacked and cut using the template. I simply lined up my clear ruler on the edge of the template and cut.

The picture below shows the cut fabric separated into the two pinwheels. You can see the rust colored fabric in each stack that will be used on outside of the pinwheel as well as the 2 coordinated fabrics for the pinwheel itself.

At this point refer to Allie's great tutorial for piecing and sewing(thanks, Allie!).
But make sure you finish reading this post first so you know the squaring and finishing measurements.
I have to admit that I had to get the seam ripper out after this photo as I realized I had sewn the straight edges together on one of the squares rather than the cut edges.

Once you have the pairs sewn together , you will need to stop and square up
each of the 4 parts of the pinwheel. Square them to 6 1/2"

Once you sew the 4 parts together, you will have a 12 1/2" wonky pinwheel.

And a second one. Ta-dah!

These were so much fun and quick to make. I'm already thinking of the next one.


  1. That should make a nice quilt. I will be looking forward to getting the fabrics.

  2. I love this block! Got the fabric the other day--it looks great and I can't wait to see all the other blocks as they're posted here.

    I just want to check in about whether you want the thick or thin end of the pinwheel fabric pointed toward the center...Just let me know! Thanks!

    Can't wait to get started.

  3. Jessica- the thicker end makes the center.

  4. I'm glad you asked that Jessica! I totally would have done it the other way based on the tutorial!

  5. I honestly didn't even consider it when I did my tutorial. I'm glad you asked also.